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How to Instantly Manifest Everything You Want With ZERO Effort

Know When It's Time to Work

I got a marketing e-mail the other day promoting a product that claimed it could reprogram your subconscious mind to unlock infinite abundance.

The method?

Listen to carefully designed binaural beats that fine-tune your vibration to the infinite abundance that is already inherent in the universal field. The marketing tagline on their landing page is literally "Can this weird sound frequency Reprogram Your Subconscious For Unlimited Abundance?

(With NO effort at all...)"

CAN that weird sound frequency reprogram your subconscious mind with no effort at all?

Fuck no. No, it in fact, cannot.

I have to say, I'm a big fan of binaural beats - I love using them to meditate, to get into a flow state when I'm writing, and to help me fall asleep. They work wonderfully for changing the state that I'm in.

I also know that it's imperative to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you don't have beliefs that sabotage your efforts to actualize your goals and mission in the world. When your subconscious beliefs are working in line with your conscious intentions, it actually does make life feel more effortless, because you're not driving with the handbrake on.

But do you REALLY think that reprogramming your subconscious mind, which has been being hard-wired by years of experiences, information, suppressed emotions, traumas, and ego protection mechanisms is an EASY, EFFORTLESS process?

Fuck no. It's some of the hardest, most frustrating, emotionally uncomfortable, trial-and-error bullshit work that you might ever do in your life. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Is it effortless or as easy as throwing on a pair of headphones and saying a few affirmations? Absolutely not.

Human beings always want to get more, with less effort.

The real secret to abundance has actually been unlocked by this marketer: sell people a product that makes them believe that they can get everything they want without effort or difficulty. You will never run out of customers.

Human beings evolved to conserve energy so they could maximize the survival of our species. Deep down that primitive programming still influences everything that we do, which is why we have a destructive predisposition to instant gratification.

Programs and products that promise to show you how to effortlessly manifest your desires are a trap, because they remove your in-the-world involvement from the process of creating anything. You'll be spending all your time trying to "raise your vibration" or "program your beliefs" when you could have been using that time and energy to actually work on your goals.

I do think that the Law of Attraction and energetically manifesting your reality is a real phenomenon (I've had too many "spooky coincidences" and statistically improbable synchronicities to dismiss it). But it's not a matter of your surface level thoughts, the warm-fuzzy feelings you get during that 15 minute guided meditation, or crafting a collage of all the societally programmed sex-money-status materialistic comforts that make up the perfect vision board.

It comes from knowing who you are by going out into the world and BEING what you want to be. It's the confidence earned through competence, the proof in the pudding of your relating to the world.

"Here's a secret: the reason that people have so many books on the Law of Attraction and creating your own reality is because they're too lazy to commit to their goals".

That quote is from Frederick Dodson, a success coach who has literally written books with titles like "Reality Creation and Manifestation"; he understands that it's not enough to envision the reality you want, you have to embody and be the reality that you want.

This isn't just a perspective of hopeful proponents New Age Spirituality; platitudes like "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life", and "follow your bliss and the money will come" have people falling for a fable of needing every moment of your life to be pleasant, enjoyable, and blissed out to be worth doing.

There's a funny irony here - the more you need every moment and circumstance to be pleasant and enjoyable, the less pleasant your life seems to be, because you're always resisting reality when it isn't what you think it should be. Wanting happiness is actually a very unhappy experience.

My friend Errity Green wrote a great book which has a passage criticizing the idea that every step on your journey needs to be orgasmically enjoyable. She uses the analogy of a world champion boxer, who grinds out harsh training for years, goes through the pain and struggle of sweat, getting the shit kicked out of him by sparring partners, and struggles his way to success.

While not a single moment of his training was pleasant let alone enjoyable, the purpose of becoming a champion made the struggle worth it. Muhammad Ali himself said "I hated every minute of training, but I said 'don't quit. Suffer now and live your life as a champion'".

Here's the kicker:

Hard work and hustle can be enjoyable as long as you don't need it to be.

There's a weird pleasure you get from the burn in your lungs and muscles after a hard workout. There's a unique satisfaction that comes from busting through your writer's block because you just sat down and forced yourself to write even when you didn't feel like it. There's a sense of accomplishment that you will never experience from having your desires handed to you, the pride and confidence of knowing that you earned your success, and became a better person in the process.

Even if you hate doing the work in the moment, there's something even enjoyable about that, because you know you've conquered the inner "little bitch", the primitive part of your brain that is trying to seek out comfort and gratification without expending energy. You committed to a higher principle within yourself, and that is one of the greatest experiences of aligned fulfilment you can attain.

Embrace the strange duality that doing hard things makes life easier, and that doing nothing but easy things makes your life harder. Instead of sitting around trying to vibrate higher on your meditation cushion, you might actually become the person you want to be by embracing the pain, the grind, the discomfort of working on yourself, and on your goals.

Careful - you might actually enjoy it.


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