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What does it ACTUALLY mean to "Do the Work"?

Whether a person looking to create the life of their dreams,

is starting a new business and bringing their gifts as service to the world,

is facing their shadows and disentangling traumas so that they can be a more integrated version of self,

is training or healing their bodies with workouts and nutrition,

is looking to share their creative talents to inspire others,

is educating themselves to become more informed and socially responsible members of the collective,

or is otherwise looking to shift into any other version of themselves more aligned with their higher potential,

everyone has to do the work.

If you don't do something to change you state of being, your perspective, or your situation, your default existence as it is now will remain as your default future.

So what does it actually mean to "do the work"?

It means living your life consciously, without submitting to the default habits, compulsions, emotional reactivity, or whatever stories you've been telling about reality up until now

To do the work means to make the choice to relentlessly seek out the dark corners of where you are letting life run on autopilot, and illuminate them in the light of awareness and intention.

To do the work means to break free from the comforts of a scripted routine. To not live the same day you've been living day in and day out, and to break free from a version of yourself created by your past. To dive headlong fully immersed in the danger and excitement of the present moment.

To do the work means that you're willing to risk embarrassment, that you embrace the humility of being something other than you thought you were, or should be. It means admitting that you don't have it all figured out, because if you did, you would already be where you wanted to be by now.

To do the work means that you are comfortable with being uncomfortable; you don't hide under the shelter and security of a "normal" life. It means tearing down the walls that kept you simultaneously safe and imprisoned in a predictable existence.

To do the work means to face the parts that of yourself that you'd rather let rot in the inky blackness of your subconscious, to tango with your shame, partner up with your pain. It means to resist nothing, not even resistance itself, to truly melt into surrender of the truth of who and what you are, as you are, right NOW.

To do the work means letting yourself be bored. It means forgoing short term gratification for long term purpose. It means not letting dopamine and distraction make you their bitch, and declaring sovereignty over your own neurochemical impulses.

To do the work means to value you what you want most more than what you want now.

To do the work means holding space for the stories that your emotional triggers are telling, and then dissolving them in the fires of objective truth and the freedom of consciousness. It means letting the inner victim die under the compassionate sword of personal responsibility.

To do the work means showing up and doing what you need to do even when it feels "out of alignment", when it scares the shit out of you, when you just don't fucking want to.

To do the work means you choose intention over impulse, determination over destiny, resolve over repetition, purpose over pathology.

You don't have to do the work,


if you don't, you can predict your future by looking at exactly as your life is now, and how it's been up until this point.

But if you can't resist the siren call of your potential,

Of meaning, the embodiment of purpose,

The deepest yearnings of your soul,






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